Bundle Up and Save Forever

Cozy up with a bundle of any Untangle appliance and unlimited software package and save 25% off the software. And, to help you keep putting the deep freeze on cyber attacks, your 25% discount off software won’t expire at renewal as long as your subscription is active.

What's Eligible

NG Firewall zSeries appliances with an Unlimited subscription for:

  • NG Firewall Complete

  • Nonprofit Complete

  • Public Sector Complete Software

SD-WAN Router eSeries appliances with an Unlimited subscription for:

  • Security Edition

  • Security Edition Nonprofit

  • Security Edition Public Sector Software

Valid for:

  • Monthly Subscription

  • 1-year Subscription

  • 3-year Subscription

Extra 25% discount savings recognized as long as the subscription is active.


Promotion runs through Dec. 31, 2021, 11:59 pm PT.


To get the offer, simply enter the promotion code at checkout when purchasing.

Promo Code: BUNDLEUP

Choose an NG Firewall or SD-WAN Router Appliance:

Choose an Unlimited License:

Promotional Terms and Conditions

*Excludes Home Protect Basic, Home Protect Plus, SD-WAN Router Basic Edition, SD-WAN Router Basic Edition (Non-Profit), SD-WAN Router Basic Edition (Public Sector) renewals and NFRs. Not valid with other promotions.